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Court Locations

Public Listen Line

Hearings are open to members of the public who may attend through toll-free, listen-only audio. Please remember all courtroom proceedings are prohibited from being recorded by the public in any fashion. 

First select the correct courtroom, then dial the number and access code:

Courtroom 1
Toll Free 888-808-6929
(Alternative 213-787-0529)
Access Code: 8223146# Press #

Courtroom 2
Toll Free  877-848-7030
(Alternative 404-443-2170)
Access Code: 4964012# Press #

Courtroom 3
Toll Free  877-402-9757
(Alternative 636-651-3142)
Access Code: 1461160# Press #

Courtroom 4
Toll Free  877-402-9757
(Alternative 636-651-0008)
Access Code: 5571025# Press #

Attorney Access

Counsel will be provided secure access information via email at the time the hearing is scheduled.  Below is a link to the Guide to Virtual Courtroom Access to assist you in connecting and answer frequently asked questions.