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Any party filing a pleading or other document electronically that is time sensitive must immdiately contact the Clerk's Office at 907-677-6130 and provide them with the following information:

  • Case number
  • Docket number

Regarding filings etc. which do not require immediate attention, may also be sent to

    CM/ECF for the District of Alaska Website:


    Users with questions regarding filings, etc. should contact the Data Quality Analyst (DQA) of the judge assigned to the case they are filing in:

    Chief Judge Burgess: DQA, Jessica Solnick, 907-677-6108

    Judge Gleason: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House,907-456-0368

    Judge Kindred: DQA, Robin Carter, 907-677-6127

    Judge Holland: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368

    Judge Singleton: DQA, Suzannette David-Waters, 907-677-6102

    Judge Sedwick: DQA, Robin Carter, 907-677-6127

    Judge Beistline: DQA, Suzannette David-Waters, 907-677-6102

    Chief Magistrate Judge Smith: DQA, Brenda Kappler, 907-677-6140

    Magistrate Judge Scoble: DQA, Brenda Kappler, 907-677-6140

    Magistrate Judge Oravec: DQA, Lisa Hawk, 907-451-5792


    Attorney Training

    NOTICE: As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, instructor led training is hereby suspended until further notice.

    The next CM/ECF training has not yet been scheduled, please return to this site frequently as situations develop.  If additional information is required, please call 907-677-6141.


    CM/ECF Account Registration

    Need to register for a CM/ECF account? Use the CM/ECF Attorney Registration Form. Registered attorneys and other participants will have privileges both to electronically submit documents and to view and retrieve electronic docket sheets and documents as available for cases assigned to the CM/ECF systems.



    PACER Service Center: 1-800-676-6856 or 210-301-6440

    PACER Service Center Website: