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For Attorneys

Any party filing a pleading or other document electronically, that is time sensitive, must immediately contact the Clerk’s Office at 907-677-6130 and provide them with the following information:

  • The case number
  • The docket number

Users with questions regarding filings, etc. should call the Data Quality Analyst (DQA)assigned to judge of the case they are filing in:


Chief Judge Burgess: DQA, Robin Carter, 907-677-6127
Judge Gleason: DQA, Caroline Edmiston, 907-677-6103
Judge Holland: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368
Judge Singleton: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368
Judge Sedwick: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368
Judge Beistline: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368
Chief Magistrate Judge Smith: DQA, Brenda Kappler, 907-677-6140
Magistrate Judge McCoy: DQA, Brenda Kappler, 907-677-6140
Magistrate Judge Oravec: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368
Magistrate Judge Longenbaugh: DQA, Jennifer Meismer-House, 907-456-0368


Questions, regarding filings etc. which do not require immediate attention, may also be sent to


PACER Contacts

PACER Service Center: 1-800-676-6856 or 210-301-6440
PACER Service Center Website:



Alaska Bar Association Agreement (Rules of Professional Conduct)

Alaska Bar Association website

New Attorney Reference Manual - Familiarizes attorneys with the administrative aspects of the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska.

Electronic Filing Administrative Policies and Procedures

Pathfinder on E-Discovery - Titles, articles, and websites that may be of help in keeping abreast of the Federal Rules on Electronic Discovery.

Speedy Trial Plan - Alaska District Court plan for prompt disposition of criminal cases.