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Notice of Amendments to Part VIII (Appeals) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Effective 12/1/2014)
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Notice of Amendments to Local Bankruptcy Rules (Effective 12/01/2014)
Written comments on the rule are due not later than July 31, 2014.
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Change to CM/ECF helpdesk phone line effective 10/01/2013. Click here for details.
Effective May 1, 2013, the Judicial Conference has established a $50 administrative fee for filing a civil action, suit or proceeding in a U.S. District Court. As a result, the fee for filing a new civil case increased to $400 ($350 filing fee + $50 administrative fee) on May 1, 2013.

The administrative fee does not apply to miscellaneous civil cases; habeas corpus cases; or to litigants who have been granted in forma pauperis status.
Effective March 1, 2012, attorneys can pay the following fees using Pay.gov: New civil case filing fees, civil appeal fees and Pro Hac Attorney Admission fees. In order to make a payment using Pay.gov attorneys/firms must first register with Pay.gov at www.pay.gov. Attorneys interested in using Pay.gov should also review the Court's Electronic Filing Administrative Policies and Procedures.
CJA eVoucher electronic vouchering is now available in Alaska District Court! CJA attorneys are encouraged to view the court's CJA eVoucher training modules.
In September 2011, the Judicial Conference of the United States authorized an increase in the Judiciary's electronic public access fee in response to increasing costs for maintaining and enhancing the electronic public access system. The increase in the electronic public access (EPA) fee, from $.08 to $.10 per page, will take effect on April 1, 2012. In addition, PACER users who do not accrue charges of more than $15 in a quarterly billing cycle would not be charged a fee. (The current exemption is $10 per quarter.)
Notice of Alaska District Court fee changes effective November 1, 2011.
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Press Release: Joe Miller
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Members of the media may now obtain a separate CM/ECF Media Account from this Court.
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Notice of CJA Case Budgeting Requirement (Effective 9/1/09)
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Notice to Members of the Bar: Electronic Availability of Transcripts of Proceedings.
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Notice of Jury Selection Process
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Notice: Attorney Admission
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Notice: A Jury Duty scam e-mail is being sent from mariab-g@jury.highcourt.gov. The e-mail says the recipient that they did not report for jury duty and a warrant of arrest has been issued in their name. It instructs the person to send $315.00 to get the warrant dismissed. Anyone receiving e-mail about jury duty should contact the court immediately at 677-6137. Do not respond to this bogus e-mail.
Pathfinder on E-Discovery
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Notice: Judicial Conduct and Disability
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Educational Program Providers Disclosure Reporting System